10/28/2006: Melbourne Beach's surfing slicing wunderkid Marshall Alberga defeated 8 time World Champion Kelly Slater today at the Sean Slater Invitational in Cocoa Beach. Finishing third was Shea Lopez. Marshall is now the only Lost rider to ever take out Slater in a final (Ward took him in the quarters at Snapper). Marshall wasn't even invited to the contest, he got a wild card slot after winning the AAU Championship last week. Then he had to surf through a contest with a field of competitors that included Shea Lopez and Aaron Cormican to eventually meet the new 8 time world champ in the final.

Marshall has this to say about his win, "I knew all along Kelly was going to be in the contest, so I was just hopeful we could meet". At one point in the final Alberga and Slater engaged in a full blown paddle battle for the best wave of the final with Marshall coming out the winner. "I saw a little left coming and he(Slater) said 'Which way are you going?' so I just took off". (FLORIDATODAY.COM ).

Despite the fact that Marshall doesn't get paid a dime to surf he still donated $500 dollars of his winnings to charity. When we wrote the Alberga vs. Slater article (CLICK HERE to see article) we were kind of joking but Marshall proved to us that even our flow team can take out the World Champ. He'll probably want his own section in the video now. Congratulations Marshall.

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Photo courtesy of FLORIDATODAY.COM

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