Mako Urabe

Hometown- Sacto

Sponsors- Darkstar wheels, Indepentent trucks, Lost clothing, Ogio bags, Globe shoes, Ironhorse griptape, Capix, GroundZero

Career Highlights- Gold Medal Xgames '96, Clueless movie, 3rd World Cup, Produced GroundZero Video & team

Favorite Contest Highlights- Xgames

5- Favorite spots to skate- Sacto

Favorite people to skate with- Chet Thomas, Stefen, Omar, Pat Smith,pete piazza

First skateboard you had- Madrid

What got you into skateboarding? My dad

Top five favorite bands-
Mobb Deep
Jimmy Hendrix
Bob Marley

Favorite Skate mag and Why?- Slap because it's local

The worst place you visited and Why?- Woodland Skatepark because they think they're the shit.

Favorite up and coming Ams - Jr. Diaz because he's not to be played with.

Worst slam you?ve ever taken- When I get knocked out

The worst thing about skateboarding- When I get knocked out!

Favorite Ad campaign- Darkstar

Other Hobbies- I like to take photos and play golf.

Any thank yous: I'd like to thank ground zero for all the support, chet at darkstar,eric at ogio,ronnie at ironhorse,dan at capix,chad at lost,al at globe ,joey at indy and any one else who has helped me along the way!