Matt Biolos
Matt Biolos began shaping surfboards at Herbie Fletcher Surf Shop fresh out of high school in 1987. He made his first surfboard at this time and called it a "Ratz Ass" like in "I don't give a .....". His second surfboard was labeled "mayhem"named after his high school punk band- obviously not taking things very seriously. This name, for better or for worse, stuck. Matt shaped 20 boards the first year. Not too many people were ordering boards from Matt yet, so to make money he continued to sand surfboards and began to paint wild designs on them along adding a handwritten LOST wherever he could. Surfers like Christian Fletcher and Matt Archbold were getting Biolos' paint jobs. By working in an environment with master shapers and good surfers, he was able to develop into a good shaper himself. After years of primarily painting surfboards (usually with skulls, monsters, cartoon girls or whatever else customers could dream up) Matt finally got guys like Christian and Nathan Fletcher and Strider to actually try his shapes. Strider Wasilewski became "mayhems" first pro team rider. Not long after came Chris Ward, Justin Matteson and others. In 1996 when another clothing company came along and offered Chris Ward six figures to break his Lost Clothing contract, Lost surfboards was born. Chris Ward now rode Lost Surfboards. As the brand grew, painters and shapers were hired to help keep up with the growing demand
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According to the 2000 Surfing Magazine Reader's Poll, Lost makes the best.surfboards. Lost and Channel Islands tied for first when Transworld Surf asked every surf shop in the country what their top selling board brand was. When Boardtrac asked today's market "who makes the best surfboards?", …Lost won hands down. In five short years since its first board, Lost Surfboards has risen to the top.

The Lost Surfboard factory makes and ships thousands of boards a year throughout the USA as well as Japan. Lost surfboards are also made in Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Europe, Brazil and South Africa under strict supervision from the U.S.  Matt Biolos visits all these countries yearly to shape for the locals, surf and work with internationally acclaimed shapers such as Greg Webber and Rod Dahlberg. Rick Hazard is the Sales and Production Manager. Matt Biolos and Mike Reola still fully own and operate Lost surfboards. After more than thriteen years of shaping mostly by hand, Matt now designs most our models in a "SURF CAD" Program. Most boards are ruff cut by our in house milling machine and are then fine sanded by Matt ( Team and Custom Orders ) and our impressive list of shapers such as Rick Rock, Jeff Widener, Brian Bulkley, Steve Kessler, and Darryl Butsko. Matt's been known to break shaped surfboard blanks in half, rather than send an inferior product to get fiberglassed. The demand for Lost surfboards is much higher than we can supply. Currently we are not comfortable with doing more than what we're already and still maintain quality and control..

Other Surfers who Ride Mayhem Shapes
Bruce Irons, Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, Damian Hobgood, Shane Beschen, Myles Padaca, Kalani Robb, Todd Morcom, Saxon Boucher, Pancho Sullivan, Chava Greenlee, Mark Occhilupo, Kai Garcia, Elijah Young, Dustin Barca, Carlos Cabrero, Otto Flores, Braden Dias, Maz Quinn, Bobby Martinez, Megan Abubo, and Rochelle Ballard have all had "magic" Mayhems in their quiver. Not to mention dozens of Australian, South African , Brazilan and European professionals who order boards whenever Matt's on shaping trips to these places.When traveling pros come to California, most make sure to order a board or two.